11 February, 2011

Miss Claire Evelyn: Mesa Newborn Photographer

In honor of our sweet new baby due to arrive VERY soon I hope, I thought I'd get myself in the mood and share these precious photos of baby Claire. Isn't she perfection? That hair, those cheeks, even the little dark hairs on her tiny bum! Ugh, she just melted my heart. Spending time with Claire and her hilarious, fun, gorgeous new mother, Emily, brought back so many memories of my Eva being born just two years ago. Becoming a mother to that tiny soft sweet infant is a moment I will always cherish, and I've just loved being reminded of that time by precious little Claire.

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26 January, 2011

Shumway Family: Mesa Family Photographer

Time for some fresh stuff over here. Last year and the one before that, there were more than a few shoots that slipped through the blog cracks, and I'm determined to change that. From now on all sessions will be blogged (I hope!). It's really not nice of me to keep all the photo goodness to myself anyway now is it?

So to start, a family just dear to my heart. Nikki was my first visiting teacher and one of my first friends in our former (and future) ward. She's great. Super crafty and very thoughtful, two important qualities in my book :). Plus she's all that even with these 3 small kiddos keeping her busy. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that they're pretty darn cute. Nikki's husband Adam is also the man. He's spent quite a few hours helping Scott with some electrical work we've been doing on our new house, and we are SO grateful. We'd be lost or more likely totally fried without him. (Anyone out there need an electrician? Let us know! Adam comes highly recommended.) It's been Scott's and my pleasure knowing this family, and we hope to be friends for a long long time.

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08 November, 2010

Sandrolini Family: Chandler Family Photographer

We shot this sweet couple's wedding Saturday, and it's about time I posted their family session from a while back. It's been a fun few months getting to know Carolee and her little family a bit better. She is the whole package--spunky, gorgeous, and super creative, plus she's an ambitious and talented nail technician with always perfect fingers and toes. And most importantly, I feel like I've come to see Carolee for who she truly is deep down--an extremely loving wife and mother to her cute boys.

Speaking of those boys, her little one has a thing for trains and Carolee found this spot knowing it would be just perfect for our session. I love how it turned out and I really love the feelings I get when I look at these images. You can just sense the pure, beautiful unadulterated love they share for one another. Can't wait to share their stunning wedding soon.

Doesn't he look so proud to call her his?

To die for red hair!

The little train conductor and his dad, hard at work on the train.

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19 October, 2010

Miss Stacy's Preschool: Gilbert Children's Photographer

It's that time again, school picture days! Because I love me some good school pictures. Not the kind with cheesy faces, ugly backgrounds, and expensive packages. You know, the kind where your child smiles naturally in a beautiful place and for an affordable price. Just $15 for 2-3 high resolution, edited images. Contact me if you're interested of course. This is my latest preschool, and can you believe how cute? I just love the fun personalities that came out in these. Kids are the bomb.

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